Apostles of the Interior Life

Jul 30, 2020 | 0 comments

Apostles of the Interior Life

When Sr. Tatum of the Apostles of the Interior Life took over management of the sister’s eight websites she had some limited experience with WordPress from working with their sites and was excited to jump in and learn more. She soon found herself overwhelmed with what turned into a full-time job with content updates, and trying to fix problems she was encountering with the sites.

As it turned out that four of the eight sites had been hacked with those sites redirecting users to other sites which eventually got their sites removed from google search results.

We cleaned up the four hacked sites, increased their security, brought all their sites WordPress core versions, PHP versions, themes, and plugins up to date along with server-side file clean up, site back-up solutions, photo optimization, and GDPR compliance.

We are currently in the process of combining some site content to reduce the number of future site updates as well as optimizations and some redesign as well.


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